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a. If our customers are for any reason dissatisfied with any item purchased online or in-store, you may elect to return it to any Tree Top Toy Co. store for assistance, subject to the below conditions:

 * Item is within 60 days of purchase.

 * Item is in the original, factory sealed packaging.

 * Customer has the proof of purchase on hand.

All return and refund requests will be subject to an assessment prior to any outcome being provided to a customer.

b. Items We Do Not Accept for Exchange/Refunds Before Or After the 60 Day Purchase Period:

 * E-Vouchers and Gift Cards

 * Used apparel;

* Breast pumps, bottles, teats, dummies and baby teething toys (unless these are unopened, and the seal is clearly intact – original condition)

c. Special conditions applicable to returns of defective/faulty products:

Defective products can be returned up to 6 months of delivery date by contacting our Customer Service Team who will be gladly to assist and advise accordingly.

* A “Defective Product” is one which contains a material imperfection in the manufacture or design that renders the product less acceptable, useful or safe than reasonably expected, under the circumstances. A product is in a defective condition if it is dangerous to the user or to consumer, when used in the prescribed way and/or for the purpose for which it was manufactured or designed.

* The product must be defective in itself (due to manufacture or design fault) and not damaged due to inappropriate use.

* When returning a product after the 60 day standard returns period, a customer must provide full reasons for alleging that the product is defective, comply with the standard returns policy and, including stating how the product was utilized during the period that it was in the customer’s possession and provide images of the item in question.

* If the item in question is deemed to not have any defects or deemed defective due to misuse, a refund or exchange will not be granted, however the customer may be quoted on repairs for the unit.

Please Note:

For customers who are dissatisfied with their purchases or with defective unit claims and are unable to visit a store within 60 days, you may request for a collection to be arranged and assessed which can take up to 21 days for feedback to be provided to a customer. Should the item in question be assessed and deemed NOT DEFECTIVE or DEFECTIVE DUE TO MISUSE or DOES NOT MEET THE RETURNS AND EXCHANGE CRITERIA SET OUT ABOVE, the customer will be liable to pay a fee of up to R200 to have the item/s returned to them.

Due to a variety of unforeseen events, our customers may experience double debits when making their purchases. Should this occur, kindly inform our Tree Top Toy Co. Customer Care Services immediately in order to investigate this matter. Once confirmed that a double debit has occurred, we will refund the funds debited to your bank account in line with our refunds policy below.

Should you elect for a refund for any successful returns and/or refunds for double debits, it may take between 5 – 10 business days, depending on your banks processing times, in order for the funds to reflect in your account. Kindly further note that the refund method chosen will be the same as the payment method originally used i.e. payment by credit card will be refunded to the specified credit card used, payment by EFT will be refunded to your nominated bank account.